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The Eye…Got Rocked

Posted by nerdboi on August 10, 2008

The Unsummoned went into Tempest Keep: The Eye tonight. We almost one shoted Void Reaver to 14% on first guild attempt. On the 3rd attempt we downed him.

Wristguards of Determination
Pauldrons of the Vanquished Hero x3

I got one of the Pauldrons of the Vanquished Hero.

We tried Solarian, but she gave us trouble because someone didn’t run out. We did not want to re clear trash mobs and it was close to end time.



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Check It Out: Video

Posted by nerdboi on August 10, 2008

Check out this video. I’m subscribed to this guy and I just saw this.
This video is the trailer.

The full video is here.

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